Fees and funding for full-time training

The MGA Academy of Performing Arts is one of very few private, independent SQA Approved Centres running professional training courses in Scotland. All tuition fees are kept to an absolute minimum but do reflect the expertise of the teaching staff, quality of facilities, small class sizes and sheer number of contact teaching hours offered.

Please note: unlike a lot of other drama schools out there, applications for our full-time courses are FREE, there are no audition fees to pay!

Please read the fee notes carefully or contact us directly if you are unsure about anything

Are there any other course costs?

There is a reading list and a kit list of important items that students need to purchase before the first day of term. This can be discussed during the interview at the audition stage and will be issued on acceptance of a place. Postgraduate and third-year students must also pay to join the Spotlight Casting Directory and become a member of Equity before their second term.

Is there any funding available?

Contact your Local Education Authority for advice on other sources of funding for full-time training for which you may be eligible. Several charitable trusts exist that help finance performing arts students and a directory listing these grant-making trusts and charities should be available at your local library

Prevocational Course

Please contact the MGA office to check whether there is any current education maintenance available for students on the Prevocational Course this year.

Full-time Courses


Eligible students can receive approximately £1,205 funding from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland each year. Visit www.saas.gov.uk to apply or to find out if you are eligible. Full‑time Scottish nationals and some international students can apply for SAAS funding and you will need to apply through the SAAS website before the appropriate date.

If your application is successful, support is paid directly to MGA by SAAS and the amount will be subtracted from your third term payment (if paying termly) or the difference paid to you directly on 1st March each year (if paying monthly/annually/in full).


  • All deposits and tuition fees are non refundable.
  • Payments including deposits must be made by bank transfer (account details are available upon request), cheque, cash or credit/debit card. All debit and credit card transactions are subject to a 2% fee. MGA is happy to discuss other payment methods on an individual basis and accepts most credit cards.


  • A discount of 5% applies for payment of one year of tuition fees in one lump sum before 1st June of that year of study.
  • A discount of 10% applies for payment of three years of tuition fees in one lump sum before 1st June of the first year of study.

Course fees

Please contact MGA if you would like to discuss course fees and payment methods.

Course fee terms

  • Enrolment is for the course in its entirety (three terms per year of study).
  • One full term’s notice is due for termination of attendance.
  • All deposits and tuition fees are non refundable under any circumstances.
  • Payments to MGA must be made by bank transfer, cheque, cash or credit/debit card (card payments subject to a 2% transaction fee).
  • Deposits for the following academic year are due on 1st May for students paying termly and yearly.
  • Students are responsible for applying to any and all funding sources including SAAS.
  • The fee amounts shown in the current fee sheet do not take into account SAAS support that eligible students may receive.

MGA Scholarship Scheme

From the moment Andrew Gowland and Murray Grant founded MGA and began to hold performing arts workshops they were always mindful that neither of them would have been able to fund their own training had they not received financial assistance through various Scholarship programmes.

Since then they have had to carefully balance the cost of delivering world-class training opportunities against the ability of talented students to pay the fees required to receive this level of training.

It is for this reason that they ensure that the tuition fees at MGA remain amongst the most competitive, while the quality of training required to prepare students for the demands of the industry is still maintained.

Even with tuition fees that are up to £6,000 per year cheaper than some comparable schools in London, and SAAS funding available for eligible students, MGA knows that having talent does not necessarily mean having the means to cover school fees.

The team are constantly searching, on behalf of prospective students, for sources of funding in the form of reduced tuition fees or completely funded places at MGA. Over the last three years the MGA Scholarship Scheme has been able to waive over £80,000 in tuition fees to enable students, for whom a performing arts training would ordinarily have been unthinkable, to train here and go on to fulfilling, professional and financially lucrative careers.

Please contact the office for information on scholarships for the coming year…

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